Simple way to casting Android Screen to PC or Mac

So while if you are looking for a way to cast your android phone screen to your computer trust me your at right place
If your gone through casting i must say ! you already had tried lots of apps and still your not satisfied with those,i have been doing lots of research and all the popular suggestions i found on the internet were not good enough. Most Screen mirror apps has Ads and Watermarks while others have unsatisfied price.
This got me wondering that How come this common problem has no simple solution?
I also found that the apps which are on play store are not so satisfying either they are run on mac and not able to run on windows or has limited time period to use it and of course the Ads.

so i started researching and come with very ease solution its free and has no intrusive Ads the makes irritated
its very simple and you will be able to setup everything in just 2 minutes.

i have been using this app since from last 2 months and i so Happy to have this …
so without wasting time lets see whats the app is this
You can get it from here

Get it from here  AirDroid


the best part of this app is with screen mirrors you can do lots of thing like
You can read
1. Messages
3.contacts logs
5.Files and


And for mirroring the screen what you need to do this is just select this “Screenshot” option from the menu and your done with the mirroring , you can adjust the speed from the menu
yeah your done …


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