How to download Instagram pics :one of the easiest way !

Instagram (iPhone|Android) is a popular photo- and video-sharing app that requires only a couple of touches to produce retro-looking projects and then share them with friends and other Instagram members.It becomes one the most important application that everyone should have it on there smart phones.

Instagram already crossed the 1 Billion downloads from the Google play store !

Isn’t it cool having the quick photo session and upload the same on the social media.also celebrity across the globe use this app to stay in touch with there fans .

The top feature Instagram  now you can able to share your stories with the your followers and also can be interact with them  by  live.

There are some features that it can’t provides with it is saving the pics Sometimes we love some pics on the Instagram we wish to download it but can’t do so…

One of the way to do so is taking the screenshot evrytime when you like the pic.

What if you wish have option there to download so oh yes you read it right .In this post I’m gonna tell how to download the Insta pics.

What you need to do is just downloadthe apk file from given link below

Link :- Instagram Plus

Also the bonus feature you will have that you can constant zoom the pic by double tapping.

Warning :- Make sure that the already installed Instagram should uninstall first then install ..!



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