3 Amazing Android Apps to Begin 2017

Who doesn’t love the app now we are going to see some of those special apps , these apps are relatively unknown so your are likely to discover new one todayhiapphere_com_com-ctxwidget

1. Contextual App Folder(C.A.F.) 

This is kind of magical of a folder which you can  have on your home screen.suppose your mood become to listen music what you needs to do just plug earphone to phone this folder will change into the musical apps .You can do such lots of things with this app,you could use google maps for travelling and such more and more things.

Get it from Play Store(Contextual App Folder (C.A.F.))

2.Easy App Switcher(E.A.S)eas.png

As the name suggest Easy Switcher this app will do so this could be used in  easy switch
hing of apps from one to another. There is a floating icon which helps  you to do , so you can able to open the recent app or you can also select other open apps right there and even open and tiles there running app

Get it from Play Store(EAS: Easy App Switcher)

3.Opera MAXop

Worried about your limited data while watching YouTube or listening to music online though you could used browser enabled with Data Saver Mode but it won’t help you much from the big data saving  what you need is a special app “Opera Max”  It works behind the scenes to save your 50% data while not compromising to much with the quality, quite the useful one i must say .

Get it from Play store(Opera Max – Data manager)




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