How to Boot Motorola’s or any other smartphone into recovery/How to reset your phone!

As an android user we had some problems sometimes relate with smartphones which includes the virus causing problems, Performance became very poor,sometimes forgotten pin or password.

what if you have just forgot pin/pattern/password that you have apply to your phone.

This is so horrible experience for those who had gone through it…

           Some peoples immediately run towards the service center of the respective company or local store and pay to them for recovering your smartphones.What they do, they just Hard Reset your smartphone that set.

At the end of this tutorial you come to know that its very easy and tricky so lets begin..

Suppose if you want to Factory data reset to your smartphone in that case you can follow following instruction

Factory Data Reset

If you wish to remove all personal information from the device, or are experiencing software issues, perform a Factory Data Reset. This deletes any data stored on the phone.

  1. Touch Image.
  2. Touch Settings. 
  3. Touch Backup & reset.
  4. De-select the Automatic restore option. (May need to turn on Back up my Data to turn off Automatic restore)
  5. Touch Factory Data Reset.
  6. Touch Reset Phone.

External Reset/Hard Reset

Hard resetting your smartphones could be very useful if you have forgotten you password as mention in the blog

For doing so I suggest you guys to take full back-up of your smartphone like contacts,photos,emails,messages

Note:Suppose you have updated your smartphone to the official stock rom provied by the OEM then Hard resetting your device wont back to previous rom,ill just clear the data and cache .

These steps are for Lollipop and Marshmallow version running  android

1.Turn-off your smartphone

2.Now,Press Volume-down and Power button simultaneously till the device Turn-on


3.Now, navigate the options by the Volume-keys up/down and select Recovery Mode and press    power button to enter into the recovery mode

4.You will have the following options

Stock android recovery screenshot mockup.gif

5.Navigate the options by volumes key and select wipe data/factory reset for resetting your device

 and if you have official rom for you smart phone then  choose apply update from external SD card

6.Let the process done

  Note:Make sure that your device should have at least 30% charging to carry this operatin and make sure that follow the steps carefully otherwise your device will brick..



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